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Mendota hotel

651 452 2500

$55 one bed

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The Midwest Watchmaker and Clockmaker Professional Organization, affiliated with American Watchmaker Clockmaker Institute (AWCI) the national organization.  Serving the Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Northern Iowa, and Western Wisconsin area.

Our Mission

We are the regional affiliate of the National Professional organization for Clockmakers and Watchmakers establishing standards for education and testing for National Certification.  Our goal is to establish and maintain the necessary high standards for quality, systematic procedures, and use of the proper technology to ensure excellent outcomes for each watch or clock service.


We have a scheduling problem with David Lindow   Manufacturing 18th century and early 19th century Reproduction Clock Works.  We will reschedule as soon as possible and check back for further information.


90th annual conference

LOCATION: Mendota VFW, 1323 Sibley Memorial Highway, Mendota, MN 55150

9am start registration, coffee and donuts


Jerry Kieffer will be giving a morning presentation "Making Miniature Taps and Dies"

Explanation of how to setup a lathe with a tool steel blank and microscope attachment for turning the threads necessary to create a miniature tap as be used for clock and watch repair.  With this tap a die can then be made to have matching threads for a nut.  If time permits, interested individuals can take a single point cut on the tap blank after the presentation instructions.

Susan Wood Talking about her award winning Forged Clock

Nick Pechman with photoshop ebay sales tips

Jerry Kieffer afternoon presentation "Introduction to Micro Machining on a Sherline lathe"

This will include an explanation of lathe requirements for micro machining, the machine-ability of metals, tool holding and set-up, work holding methods, micro turning, and useful optics to view the process of turning tiny parts.

Josh Wilkes 21Century Quality Control for 21st century watch work (Breitling and others)

LUNCH IS INCLUDED and there will be an AUCTION after the convention

COSTS will be $49 for the convention including lunch to pay now push button

 SUNDAY MAY 15th 2016

Jerry Kieffer will present a hands-on lathe class using the information presented during the symposium Saturday session, "Introduction to Micro Machining on a Lathe"  PLUS procedures for setting up the lathe for micro machining, how to provide maximum control during the turning process for size and accuracy, and exercises to develop your skills at using these techniques.  Class will begin at 8:00am and run until about 3:00pm. Lunch may be purchased across the street at two restaurants or you may bring your own.

CLASS EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS:                                                                                                         

1.  Sherline Lathe,  Sherline 3 jaw chuck and minimum 1/4" tailstock chuck, a standard tool post for a 1/4" lathe tool, (not a quick change, as greater rigidity is needed), Precision measuring devise, Micrometer or caliper, to measure small parts (Preferably one you use regularly and are familiar with), Safety glasses, Magnification device to view the turning of small parts, Note pad and pen for calculations and notes

2.  Options items: extension cord, Multi-outlet power strip, work light

3.  Provided for each student will be a 2" piece of 3/8" round brass stock to turn, a new USA made AR-4 Brazed carbide lathe tool, a #1 center drill

NOTE:  Class cost is $95 and is limited to a maximum of eight (8) students and registrations will be taken on the time registered/paid basis.  If you do not own a Sherline Lather and want to take the class please contact Dean Ziegenbein, MCG Secretary at, Cell 952-454-1247.

CURRENTLY ONLY 1 space still available, if you wish to be that last lucky person with the GOLDEN TICKET contact Dean at 952-454-1247 and arrange.


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Postal address 1169 Veronica Lane, Mendota Heights, MN 55118